Peter O'Donnell Jr. Building (POB)

Formerly known as the Applied Computational Engineering and Sciences Building or ACES, the Peter O'Donnell Jr. Building is a world-class setting for interdisciplinary research and graduate study in computer sciences, electrical and computer engineering, and computational and applied mathematics.

201 24TH ST E, Austin, Texas 78712


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Bridging Barriers Core Theme Town Hall: Living the Good Life in a Tech-Driven World

The Vice President for Research invites the UT community to the first of six Town Hall meetings, each introducing a Bridging Barriers core theme. The 125...

2/28 10:30am
Cells, Genes, Stories: HeLa’s Journey from Labs to Literature

A Distinguished Visiting Lecture: Priscilla Wald, Chair of the Department of Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies and R. Florence Brinkley Professor of...

3/1 7pm
Priscilla Wald: “Cells, Genes, and Stories: HeLa’s Journey from Labs to Literature"

Priscilla Wald, Chair of the Department of Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies and R. Florence Brinkley Professor of English at Duke University, will be...

3/1 7pm
Dell Medical School ResearchConnect Series

Want to learn about current and future plans for Dell Medical School? Join us for the next in a series of monthly ResearchConnect events focused on sharing...

3/2 2pm
SEED Workshop: Getting Connected, Staying Conencted - Networking & Social Media in Your Career

In this workshop, student employees will learn about the importance of networking in their career development. We will also discuss best practices in...

3/2 5pm

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Jonathan Z Gribetz

Jonathan Z Gribetz left a positive review 1/22/2017

it was fantastic !!
The only disruptive part was audience members leaving in the middle of when the panel was speaking.
I found that very disruptive.
Other than that I really enjoyed the panel very much.

Justin Frederick Rousseau

Justin Frederick Rousseau left a positive review 8/3/2016

This was a very helpful introduction to the Design Institute for Health!

Anirudh M Kasbekar

Anirudh M Kasbekar left a positive review 2/20/2015

It was great to receive scientific information first hand from a mission scientist, and probably before most of the world did. I would definitely attend similar astronomical events in the future.

Cheryl Tulkoff

Cheryl Tulkoff left a positive review 2/19/2015

Very helpful overview, presentation, and & A session.

Daniel Kusner

Daniel Kusner left a review 2/11/2015

she writes well

Melissa B Coupal

Melissa B Coupal posted a photo 2/3/2015

Daniel Kusner

Daniel Kusner left a negative review 11/12/2014


Laurie D Lentz

Laurie D Lentz left a positive review 9/18/2014

Learned a lot and was especially impressed with the operational/academic/student collaborations. Great hearing about green fee projects.

antoinette R Villarreal

antoinette R Villarreal left a positive review 4/13/2014

Dr. Nieto gave Latina educators and their emergent learners a platform to voice their experience and advocate for real American education. I wish UT would have advertised/invited Austin ISD educators, especially those with the similar demographics.

Peter O'Donnell Jr. Building (POB)

Peter O'Donnell Jr. Building (POB) posted a photo 11/8/2013