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Jesus R Kain

Jesus R Kain left a positive review 9/11/2016

Justin Benzer eloquently shared the details of his recent work identifying the success that having a collaborative model of primary care and behavioral health can have for patients and care teams alike. I appreciated his step by step approach and delivery method as well as his emphasis on quality improvement, overall organizational climate and team work. The most compelling point for me (that I think he drove very well) was that a team with a shared concept of the work is not only more effective at meeting quality goals/metrics, but also more inclined to find & develop ways to improve specifically because they have a focus and shared vision. A point that I think I can use in my current work as we develop collaborative care teams for the UT Dell Medical School.

Justin Frederick Rousseau

Justin Frederick Rousseau left a positive review 8/7/2016

Excellent presentation that told a nice story of this fascinating area of research.

Daniel Kusner

Daniel Kusner left a negative review 11/11/2014

get a bigger room

Biomedical Engineering Building (BME)

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