Black Holes, Dark Matter, & Dark Energy through the Eyes of Texas

We live in a remarkable era for astronomy where we are understanding the basic properties of the universe. These include dark energy which determines how the universe expands, dark matter that is the dominate component of mass in the universe, and black holes which are gravity's ultimate triumph. Dr. Karl Gebhardt presents the current state of knowledge for each of these phenomenon, and discuss future advances primarily coming from the Hobby-Eberly Dark Energy Experiment (HETDEX).

Dr. Gebhardt is the Herman and Joan Suit Professor of Astrophysics in the Department of Astronomy at The University of Texas at Austin. He grew up in the snow-filled winters of Rochester, New York. His career has taken him through Michigan State University, Rutgers University (where he received his PhD in 1994), fellowships at the University of Michigan and University of California at Santa Cruz, and finally to The University of Texas at Austin in 2000.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014 at 5:45pm to 7:30pm

AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center (ATT), Amphitheater, Room 204
1900 UNIVERSITY AVE , Austin, Texas 78705

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College of Natural Sciences

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Kathryn E Dahm

Kathryn E Dahm left a positive review 6/2/2014

I really enjoyed this talk. The speaker was very engaging, the topic was fascinating, and it led to some though provoking conversations afterwards. Lots of fun!

Danielle Policastro

Danielle Policastro left a positive review 6/2/2014


Kelsey Stilson

Kelsey Stilson left a positive review 6/2/2014

This was a great talk! I really enjoyed the level of the talk, especially his explanations of both the physical concepts/models and how we measure the universe to test those models. My only qualm was the confused answer he gave on the question of consciousness in the universe (perhaps I heard the question wrong?), but that was kind of off topic anyway!

Calvin H Johnson

Calvin H Johnson left a positive review 6/2/2014

Inventory of the stars by age and speed with 150 new spectrographs should provide important data. I like the theory that the speed up is caused by big masses just outside the visible universe, so far away the light has not reached us since the big bang.

Rosiland Rae Dupont

Rosiland Rae Dupont left a positive review 6/2/2014

Wonderful, dynamic and passionate speaker. Also very humble, no airs and graces. Excellent presentation on a fascinating topic.

Daniel Kusner

Daniel Kusner left a review 6/2/2014

registration process was janky.

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