Firm Roots Yoga

The Center for Students in Recovery and the UT Micro Farm are collaborating to bring Yoga to the UT Community. This new program features an array of local yoga instructors, currently led by Jade from the Living Yoga Program. In addition, the UT Micro Farm is gifting an assortment of organic veggies from good ol' Texas soil. We have about 20 mats, but if you want to bring your own, feel free. Our space can accommodate around 30 to 35 people for a good class. We have had steadily increasing attendence, so do arrive early if possible. The program is free and open to anyone interested.


Wednesday, July 30, 2014 at 6:00pm to 7:15pm

L. Theo Bellmont Hall (BEL), 222
2109 SAN JACINTO BLVD , Austin, Texas 78712

Event Type

Health & Wellness

Target Audience

Students, Staff, General Public

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Recent Activity

James D Burton

James D Burton 9/8/2014

I'm ready,let's roll,or stetch as the case may be

Jonathan Andrew Mangrum

Jonathan Andrew Mangrum 9/3/2014

It will be, we haven't started back up yet. Coming soon. We'll keep you posted:-)

Judith A Lister

Judith A Lister 9/3/2014

Is this going on this Fall semester?

Agnes E Savich

Agnes E Savich left a positive review 7/29/2014

It was a great intermediate class, plenty of room for everyone. The yoga instructor was bubbly and full of happy energy. Got a tiny bag of veggies (cherry tomatoes, mint, and a little eggplant) to take home afterwards.

James D Burton

James D Burton 7/30/2014

I'm enjoying the class and hope it continues after the break,it's tougher than I thought but I'm hanging in and the instructor is great

Anjoli J Fry

Anjoli J Fry 7/29/2014

I would have to say it wasn't worth my time! I am UT staff but work offsite, and there was no other information about how to get to this location other than the street address, assuming that every person affiliated with UT knows the precise location of every building! Once narrowed down the general vicinity, I couldn't find parking because I don't have a campus pass because again, I work off campus!
I see a parking attendant who is ticketing someone so I park behind him and call out to him "Excuse me?" he ignores me. I call again, nothing. I get out of my car and before I can get one word out he furiously and condescendingly YELLS, "Do you have a handicap sticker?" I say, "No, but I just have a quick-" He interrupts again and YELLS, "Get back in your car and move right now you're in a handicap spot!"
I couldn't believe the gall. Needless to say, I am reporting him. I finally found paid sticker parking and attended the class. It was fine for a free class. But really, it's kind of hard to take the instructor seriously about your "third eye" and "mantras" when they've just cracked a fart joke...

Okkyung Rho

Okkyung Rho left a positive review 7/8/2014

It was a wonderful experience and I will go next week, too. Thanks.

James D Burton

James D Burton left a positive review 7/8/2014

Excellent class,I would recommend it to anyone that likes to keep their practice and enjoys working for it

James D Burton

James D Burton 7/10/2014

Great class,really enjoyed it,terrific instructor,I will be back

Jonathan Andrew Mangrum

Jonathan Andrew Mangrum 7/8/2014

James, We're planning on practicing every Wednesday for the rest of this month and then taking a break.