Peter T. Flawn Academic Center (FAC)

The Flawn Academic Center (FAC) is a state-of-the-art technology and collaboration facility at The University of Texas at Austin. Offering flexible study spaces, multimedia services, and upgraded computer labs, the FAC is designed to support the academic and research goals of the entire campus community.

2304 WHITIS AVE , Austin, Texas 78705

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Join us for our final information session before the application deadline on February 15! Learn more about the Archer Fellowship Program where students can...

1/29/2019 3pm

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Shannon K Lundquist

Shannon K Lundquist left a positive review 11/12/2018

Dr. McDonald had wonderful ideas and insights into life after med school. The discussion and questions were on point and everyone had a chance to chat with her after the initial presentation. All around great event!

Cameron Lane

Cameron Lane left a negative review 9/27/2016

The issues were not thoroughly addressed: the speakers mostly didn't understand the format or questions. The student representatives weren't involved very much and rarely spoke. It should be more oriented towards students, not outside representatives.

Richard Hastie

Richard Hastie left a positive review 3/22/2016

I enjoyed it and found it to be another good resource showing me some opportunities UT offers.

Melissa M Leetzow

Melissa M Leetzow left a positive review 9/7/2015

Presenter was fantastic, funny and informative. A well done meeting.

Bako Issiankou Ambianda

Bako Issiankou Ambianda left a positive review 5/6/2015

This was a great event.

Cynthia K Louden

Cynthia K Louden left a positive review 2/18/2014

I found the workshop to be quite informative!! The instructor was knowledgeable, and spent time on material that I will definitely use for my classes. When the participants asked various questions, the instructor was able to answer them and was flexible enough to spend time on issues that the participants found useful. I think these workshops are quite helpful and well-done and make the transition to Canvas relatively easy. Thanks so much!!!!

Austin James Robinson

Austin James Robinson left a positive review 1/14/2014


Blake Austin Kappel

Blake Austin Kappel left a positive review 1/13/2014

This info session was particularly helpful. I got a much better idea of what BDP is and the variety of programs in it. There were plenty of helpful materials in it. I am much better prepared now to begin applying and become a part of a BDP program.

Peter T. Flawn Academic Center (FAC)

Peter T. Flawn Academic Center (FAC) posted a photo 11/13/2013

Peter T. Flawn Academic Center (FAC)

Peter T. Flawn Academic Center (FAC) posted a photo 11/13/2013