Norman Hackerman Building (NHB)

The eight-story, 294,000-square-foot Norman Hackerman Building is home to organic chemistry research labs, neuroscience research labs, teaching labs, an auditorium, the Imaging Resource Center, a Nuclear Magnetic Resonance suite, and a vivarium for keeping and raising animals or plants for observation or research.

100 24TH ST E, Austin, Texas 78712

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Saving American Nature: Preservation, Conservation, and the Wild - Lunchtime Lecture by Kevin M. Anderson

Center for Environmental Research ·2018 Lunchtime Lectures – Nature and the American Mind ·The two key American myths of nature – wilderness and pastoral...

9/26 12pm
Moleculary Stretchable Electronics for Energy, Healthcare, and Virtual Touch

Dr. Darren Lipomi will discuss his approach towards creating electronic materials that can measure signals and interface with the nervous system for two-way...

10/11 9:30am

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Eileen F Keely

Eileen F Keely left a positive review 5/22/2018

Very interesting and unique. I learned a lot. Dr. Anderson spoke well and clearly, and his slide show was delightful. Now I am sorry that I did not discover this lecture series earlier.

Brady Turner Beal

Brady Turner Beal left a positive review 11/17/2015

Pay was good, everybody was friendly, would participate again.

Honghong Liao

Honghong Liao left a negative review 11/7/2015

The NHB Building was locked this Sunday. I did not have any access to this volunteering.

Glenda Beasley

Glenda Beasley left a review 2/13/2015

Inspiring to see hardworking, spirited entrepreneurs in the food industry get recognized and supported. Wish the schedule of events for the day was clearer on the website.

Norman Hackerman Building (NHB)

Norman Hackerman Building (NHB) posted a photo 11/8/2013