Hogg Memorial Auditorium (HMA)

Through the combined efforts of Student Government, the College of Fine Arts, and the Division of Student Affairs, we are excited to announce the reopening of Hogg Memorial Auditorium as a student-centric programming space for creative events primarily planned and produced by registered student organizations.

2300 WHITIS AVE , Austin, Texas 78705





Upcoming Events

Exploring the Universe with Gravitational Waves

On September 14, 2015, LIGO detected what is known as a gravitational wave. Join renowned physicist Dr. Rainer Weiss as he discusses the discovery of these...

4/25 5pm

Recent Events

Greek Get Down


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Kaitlynn T Dallas

Kaitlynn T Dallas posted a photo 5/2/2018

Bianca E Bellavia

Bianca E Bellavia posted a photo 11/6/2017

Gerard Edward Smithwrick

Gerard Edward Smithwrick left a positive review 10/19/2017

Excellent!!!!!! Loved the event, the students did a phenomenal job.

Jennifer L Pacheco

Jennifer L Pacheco left a positive review 2/5/2017

What a fantastic event! My time was so well spent attending this event. It was very well-organized and the topic was incredibly interesting.

Yoojin Wang

Yoojin Wang left a positive review 2/5/2017

He was a great speaker and I liked how he was very down to earth and approachable. He gave a lot of really useful advice to us students, and he was one of the most classy individuals I've ever seen.

John Nicholas Kadolph

John Nicholas Kadolph left a positive review 3/31/2014

This was a great event! I was excited to see Mr. Offerman live... and free! On that note, free events like these mean everyone is going to want to get in. I arrived around 6:20 and didn't at first expect the enormous line, and I wasn't sure where the line ended. A possible suggestion would be to have a more organized line and coordinators stationed to inform people where the end of the line is. I got in though, and his show was great! Hope this feedback helps!

Hogg Memorial Auditorium (HMA)

Hogg Memorial Auditorium (HMA) posted a photo 11/3/2013