Perry-Castañeda Library (PCL)

The Perry-Castañeda Library (PCL) is The University of Texas at Austin’s main research library. It embraces all subject fields, with the strongest holdings in the humanities, social sciences, business, and education. Open to everyone, we welcome your visit!

101 21ST ST E, Austin, Texas 78705


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Upcoming Events

Data and Donuts Workshop @PCL: Introduction to Data Visualization

Do have data that you’re not sure how to use? Creating visualizations is a good way to ask questions of your data and to share your data with others....

3/31 3pm
Research + Pizza: Scenic Design in Movies

Karen Maness from the Department of Theatre and Dance, co-author of The Art of the Hollywood Backdrop with Dr. Richard Isackes, discusses research on scenic...

4/4 12:30pm
Data and Donuts Workshop @PCL: Working with Geospatial Data

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technologies are increasingly used in research across all disciplines. Interested in learning more about what GIS can do...

4/7 3pm
Workshop @PCL: Introduction to R and the tidyverse

R is a free programming language designed originally to run statistical analyses and visualize data, but it can do much more. This introductory workshop will...

4/10 10am
Workshop @PCL: Using the Thesis/Dissertation Templates

The Graduate School distributes a set of thesis and dissertation templates in Microsoft Word for Apple and Windows computers, which will help you format your...

4/11 1pm

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Loucas K Loumakos

Loucas K Loumakos left a positive review 2/9/2017

It was great! Very informative. Knowledgeable presenter.

Katharine Keating

Katharine Keating left a positive review 10/19/2015

I really enjoyed this workshop. Wendy was very informative, engaging, and well-prepared, and I hope she'll teach more workshops with similar skills in the future. I'd love to learn more about this!

Alondra Ortiz

Alondra Ortiz left a positive review 9/14/2015

Loved it and fairly simple

Don C Wukasch

Don C Wukasch left a positive review 1/12/2014

Excellent program. Very helpful. Thanks, Don Wukasch

Matthew Latham Chovanec

Matthew Latham Chovanec left a positive review 9/29/2014

It was very nice. Thank you for offering this.

Joshua E Miller

Joshua E Miller left a positive review 9/22/2014

I learned a lot about becoming a more efficient researcher, and letting technology do some of the legwork of searching for journal articles in my field!

John T O'neill

John T O'neill left a positive review 3/22/2014

This tour is excellent because not only did Jamie do a great job of showcasing and explaining the art work, but the pieces are often hidden right next to campus buildings, and are often not seen because people don't know that they are there. I highly recommend this tour to anyone, whether they are interested in art or not.

Ece G Turnator

Ece G Turnator left a positive review 2/3/2014

I realized after signing up that this session was not available online. It would be helpful to record it for those folks to watch it if they were not able to attend like me. It is important to be a savvy google searcher.

Perry-Castañeda Library (PCL)

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