Texas Union Building (UNB)

The Texas Union was built in 1933 to serve as a college independent community center or "living room" on campus. It is one of the buildings designed by Paul Cret who also designed the Tower and Main Building, Goldsmith Hall and Texas Memorial Museum on campus.

2247 Guadalupe, Austin, Texas 78705







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Rajendu Sulochana

Rajendu Sulochana left a positive review 10/24/2018

Very useful and informative interview

Paulina Reyes Campo

Paulina Reyes Campo left a review 9/26/2018

Room booked was too small for the amount of people that attended. We (about 30 people) weren't allowed to go in anymore, and that was disappointing.

Joshua P Tsai

Joshua P Tsai left a positive review 8/24/2018

A great opportunity to meet new people in a nonacademic environment.

David Dalton

David Dalton left a review 3/18/2018

Few laughs here and there, and relatively entertaining, but I wouldn't rave about it. Not Wes Anderson's finest.

Rebecca R Sawyer

Rebecca R Sawyer left a positive review 3/18/2018

It was a cute movie and I enjoyed it, especially for the price.

Mary M Arnold

Mary M Arnold left a positive review 2/18/2018

Everything I hoped it would be! Plus a very insightful instructor!

Helene M Aji

Helene M Aji left a positive review 10/16/2017

It was quick, efficient and caring. I especially loved the postcard to parents suggestion!

Anca S Andrei

Anca S Andrei left a positive review 10/9/2017

I expected more advertisement for this event so that I would have more time to prepare for the schools attending.

Antonio Canale

Antonio Canale left a positive review 8/2/2017

Very nice experience for my first yoga lesson ever!

Emily Nott

Emily Nott left a positive review 3/5/2017

Had so much fun, definitely going back next time!