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Reading Kinaram:  Saint, Poet, Reformer, Enigma

Jishnu Shankar Senior Lecturer The University of Texas at Austin Baba Kinaram is a well known and respected saint of Banaras. He is said to have founded...

1/22 4pm
Rethinking the Early Modern Sant Tradition: Sundardas and his poetic discourse

Dalpat Rajpurohit Lecturer, Hindi-Urdu Columbia University, New York Rethinking the early modern sant tradition: Sundardas and his poetic discourse...

1/24 4pm
Brazil and 'Modern Japanese Literature

Edward Mack Associate Professor, Asian Languages and Literature University of Washington It is not well known that Brazil is home to the largest number of...

1/26 3:30pm
“Setting Fires and Burning Trash”: Fierce Satire, Communalism, and Literary Habitus

David Lunn, SOAS University of London In his 1960 autobiography Apni Khabar, the Hindi writer Pandey Bechan Sharma “Ugra” commented that “forty years ago,...

1/29 4pm
Reflections from Padmini’s Palace: Gender, Language, and Desire in Early Modern Hindi

Speaker Peter Knapczyk The ongoing controversy over the film Padmavati is a keen example of how early modern Hindi literature has been seized upon in...

1/31 4pm

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Will C. Hogg Building (WCH)

Will C. Hogg Building (WCH) posted a photo 11/13/2013

Will C. Hogg Building (WCH)

Will C. Hogg Building (WCH) posted a photo 11/3/2013