Etter-Harbin Alumni Center (UTX)

Built in 1965 and renovated in the 1980s, the Etter-Harbin Alumni Center is an on-campus home for all alumni, students, and friends of the University. With high ceilings, beautiful saltillo tile and comfortable furnishings, the building is constantly buzzing with meetings, events, and Exes returning for a visit.

2110 SAN JACINTO BLVD , Austin, Texas 78712




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Jasmine Atobajeun

Jasmine Atobajeun left a positive review 8/27/2017

I thought this event was great! I think the only issue was how crowded it was. Maybe it was meant to also be set up outside and changed because of the weather but if not I think utilizing the outside space would've made the event even more successful. MY favorite part was participating in the carnival games. I also thought having the check off cards was a very good idea. It forced students to go see things they probably wouldn't have been interested in and then actually finding it interesting like the class rings.

Stephen J Moore

Stephen J Moore left a negative review 3/22/2017

I got notice of this event which I would have liked to attend at 6PM the night before, by which time it was already sold out. Not helpful to get such late notice

Daniel J Snyder

Daniel J Snyder left a negative review 9/14/2015

I didn't know what was meant by 'Registration,' or if I was even allowed to go.

Matthew A Gruenes

Matthew A Gruenes left a negative review 9/14/2015

I didn't get let in. UT events should have made it clear that the event was first come first serve. More than a hundred people got turned down at the door

Afroza Parvin

Afroza Parvin left a positive review 9/15/2015

It was nice and felt like a homecoming graduate seminar!

Bako Issiankou Ambianda

Bako Issiankou Ambianda left a positive review 4/26/2015

Enjoyed it

Mohammad O Eshkalak

Mohammad O Eshkalak left a positive review 4/26/2015

The talk was great. Admiral McRavan talk was very informative. I always listen to his talks on youtube. It has changed my life in different aspects.

Cotton M Starr

Cotton M Starr left a positive review 4/26/2015

Overall very good speech by Chancellor McRaven. Enjoyed the topic and loved his passion for it. Disappointed in the organizers as they said it was to start at 7pm but that was only for Plan II alumni. For everyone else, it did not start until 7:30pm. They could have stated this better on the calendar, or opened the reception for everyone.