Bates Recital Hall, Music Building (MRH)

Specially designed for its excellent acoustics, Bates Recital Hall is a 700-seat venue that is capable of hosting everything from symphony orchestras, major choral presentations and concert bands to ensembles and solo recitals. The venue serves both performances by professional visiting musicians and recitals by Butler School of Music students and faculty members.

Find directions and parking information or during events call 512-475-7127.

2406 Robert Dedman Drive, Austin TX 78712




Upcoming Events

East Coast Chamber Orchestra

Texas Performing Arts welcomes one of the most exceptional ensembles of today’s generation! In 2001, a group of colleagues and friends from leading...

2/19 7:30pm
Black History Month Concert

Featuring students and choirs of the Butler School of Music and Huston-Tillotson University Music Program Miguel Campinho, piano Stephen Burnamann, piano

2/22 7:30pm
Malcolm Bilson, fortepiano

Franz Schubert Three Movements from Unfinished Sonatas Robert Schumann Forest Scenes, Op. 82 Ludwig van Beethoven Sonata in D Minor, Op. 31, The Tempest ...

2/25 7:30pm
UT Jazz Orchestra

Featuring repertoire of new originals from UT students and jazz faculty, as well as well-known jazz standards. Jeff Hellmer, director

2/28 7:30pm
Patrick Hughes: 5th "Annual" Leap Day Horn Recital

Colette Valentine, piano UT Horn Choir Paul Basler The Wild Atlantic Way (world premiere) Patrick Hughes Morrison's Jig Franz Strauss Theme and Piano...

2/29 7:30pm

Recent Events

Aeolus Quartet


Recent Activity

Image submitted by Diane C JandaDiane C Janda

Diane C Janda left a positive review 2/16/2020

Working with Professor Khudyev was a most satisfying and inspiring musical experience...for chorister and audience member alike. We had a great audience, and the UTSO looks forward to seeing you at their next performance.

Image submitted by Kevin P NoninKevin P Nonin

Kevin P Nonin left a positive review 10/10/2019


Image submitted by Kelsey WilliamsKelsey Williams

Kelsey Williams left a negative review 11/29/2018

I ended up leaving and not going in, because there was no parking and valet cost over $30 with atm fees. There were atm fees because they did not take card, which I find unacceptable. It was disruptive and took way too long. I don't understand why UT wouldn't have the technology to take cards, unless it's a deliberate attempt to not have to pay taxes by just handling cash. The attendant was also needlessly rude, which is also unacceptable because they are charging so much and causing such a disruption. By the time I found parking I would've had to walk to this venue and miss a considerable portion. I was just so frustrating, I didn't feel like going in.

Image submitted by Shen WenqingShen Wenqing

Shen Wenqing left a positive review 10/11/2018

I love the Jazz Ochestra performance. Sometimes it’s intense and happy, and it can be gentle and blue and mellow. I hope to appreciate these shows more often. Thanks for your excellent performance and good luck to you muscicians!

Image submitted by Suzanne L KrauseSuzanne L Krause

Suzanne L Krause left a positive review 10/14/2017

Wonderful musicians. I liked how she spoke to the audience about her work and the violin's history; very humble and relatable.

Image submitted by Karina Marianne LemanczykKarina Marianne Lemanczyk

Karina Marianne Lemanczyk left a negative review 1/20/2017

This event was canceled and we were not informed that it was. I drove all the way from home, found parking and stayed waiting for the event for over an hour. I would appreciate if the public receives an email or notice of some sort when and even gets canceled.

Image submitted by Dongxu HeDongxu He

Dongxu He left a positive review 10/10/2016

The concert was amazing! I love it

Image submitted by Jose M Gonzalez RoaJose M Gonzalez Roa

Jose M Gonzalez Roa left a positive review 2/16/2016

got there right at start time at which point the hall was at capacity.

Image submitted by Max PreglauMax Preglau

Max Preglau left a positive review 9/23/2015

perfect musicians, beautiful music