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2109 SAN JACINTO BLVD , Austin, Texas 78712

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The Motor Coordination Laboratory at The University of Texas at Austin is looking for right-handed men 18-30 years old for study of coordination and control of low-level pinching (thumb and index finger) forces.  Volunteers must not be a current employee or within the past 12 months of The University of Texas System, including UT Austin, must be able to perform normal activities of daily living and have no known neurological or musculoskeletal disorders of the right arm or hand, no use in the last 24 hours of CNS stimulants, depressants, narcotics, or other drugs affecting brain function, no prior experience in an pinching study in this laboratory.  All participants will be asked to produce maximal forces briefly with the right thumb and index finger and then produce much lower forces to complete the experimental task. This is a one-day study; the testing session will last about 60 minutes and will be conducted in the Motor Coordination Lab, Bellmont Hall 848B, The University of Texas at Austin.  Upon completing the testing session, participants will receive a $20 Amazon gift card as compensation.


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