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Paid Healthy and DPN Volunteer Research Study

Wednesday, August 31, 2022 11am to 9pm

University of Texas at Austin, Belmont hall, BEL 530, BEL 546 View map

Gate entrance #4, Fifth floor, Right wing, Movement and Cognitive Rehabilitation Lab, 78712 #Research
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Research title:

Effect of Diabetes peripheral neuropathy on balance control and balance recovery.


The University of Texas at Austin


$75 cash.

Are you eligible?

1. Healthy Senior Adults

• Age above 55 years
• Ability to walk or stand independently
• Do not have a history of neurological or movement disorder

2. Senior adults with Diabetes peripheral neuropathy:

• Age 55 years and above
• Do not have foot ulcer or partial amputation
• Do not have a history of brain stroke or labyrinthitis
• Ability to walk or stand independently

About the medical research:

Our research in diabetic peripheral neuropathy evaluates the effect of DPN on balance during sitting down and standing up. The research also tests the capability of balance recovery and muscle force production on leg muscles. Our study can identify the effect of DPN, which helps us to develop a better rehabilitative program for older adults with peripheral neuropathy.
All the procedures related to this study have been accepted by the University of Texas at Austin institutional review board (IRB). If you are interested and want to get more information, please call us at (512) 471-9228.

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