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Paid Remote Research – Longitudinal Health Information Seeking Behaviors

Wednesday, August 31, 2022 9am to 7pm

Have you been actively seeking online for health information in the past few months? If you are:

  • over 50 years old,
  • haven’t worked as a healthcare professional
  • experiencing one or multiple chronic health conditions or being a caregiver to a family member, and
  • speak fluent English,

you are invited to participate in a 3-month research study investigating general consumers’ longitudinal health information search behavior. Your participation will help us better understand consumers' needs when seeking health information and support the design of information search technologies.

You will conduct the following activities in this study:

Record some basic information about your health information activities via an online survey. The survey is on the UT-owned Qualtrics online survey account. If you're more comfortable recording your health information activities with pen and paper, we can also provide and guide you in using paper-based surveys. Upload the web pages that you visit when accessing health information. These pages can be automatically recorded by a tool in the Firefox browser. You will have control of what web pages to record. Participate in eight online interviews (through Zoom or phone call at your convenience). The interviews will be evenly spread across the 3-month period at 1.5-week intervals. The interview is expected to last between 30 minutes to one hour.

You will receive at least $350 value of gift cards upon the successful completion of the study.


If interested, please fill out the pre-screening survey:


We will contact you if you are eligible to participate. 

If you have additional questions, please email: or 

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