Main Building (MAI)

The Main Building (as referred to as "the Tower") is icon here at the University of Texas at Austin. The Tower is 307-feet tall and houses an observation deck at the top that offers a panoramic view of the UT Campus and the gorgeous city of Austin.

110 INNER CAMPUS DR , Austin, Texas 78705

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Elizabeth J Kogan

Elizabeth J Kogan left a positive review 9/24/2018

Always a great day to meet up with other RAs around campus!

Sofia Irene Zanabria

Sofia Irene Zanabria left a positive review 9/25/2017

Well organized and presented, good length of time, great snacks (though I always like more cookies, food, and fruit), excellent positive atmosphere. Letting nominated people know that they had been nominated and what was said about them was a wonderful idea. The raffle was fun and engaging and an offer of a travel award was also an excellent carrot for engagement. You all did a magnificent job.

Yolanda Estrada Munoz

Yolanda Estrada Munoz left a positive review 4/3/2017

It was very touching and sad. I was, however, disappointed that with so many students on campus, there were so few of us there. I'm not sure why this was.


Greg Jewett left a positive review 5/2/2016

Glad to see the National Parks getting out and making their presence more known. The free water was great discussion with the Redwood Forest enthusiast was quiet intriguing. Grabs a brochure and some sunglasses for my boys. Thanks!

Max Preglau

Max Preglau left a review 10/5/2015

rather impressionist, not analytical