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Wednesday, September 9

Recruiting research participants

We are recruiting participants who are: 1. divorced for 3-5 years; 2. in a co-parenting relationship with their spouse Click the link...

Every 2nd Wednesday of each month from 6 - 7 PM, Texas Moody Innovation & Entrepreneurship comes together to connect the Austin Media Community with students and faculty at UT through exciting conversations and networking. At each MeetUp, there is ample time to discuss emerging technologies and topics that have impacted industries we interact with everyday, and to bring ideas of your own to discuss with others interested in the industry. This semester, MeetUps will begin by being hosted virtually through the immersive platform VirBELA Open Campus, a tool used for remote collaboration in a unique virtual environment! Be sure to download the app and create your free account before joining us September 9th!

To kickstart a great year of exploring, we invite you to join our very first meetup of the new semester with speaker Jan Bozarth the founder and COO of...

Virtual Event

Wednesday, September 9