Event Calendar for Perry-Castañeda Library (PCL)

December 8, 2021

Wednesday, December 8

Fuel Up for Finals

Fuel up for Finals is a series of events, resources, and tips offered by the Longhorn Wellness Center, in partnership with SHIFT, to help students nourish...

Fuel up For Finals

The Longhorn Wellness Center, SHIFT and BeVocal will be handing out sleep kits, treats and other fun things to help keep you fueled up for finals!

Strategies for Stress Management: Finals Edition

Learn mindfulness techniques for managing stress during finals and everyday life.

Therapy Dog Study Break

Stressed out? Cramming for finals? Take a break and relax with Sky and Boomer, furry friends from The Dog Alliance!

Finals Support Space with the Longhorn SHARE Project

Feeling stressed and overwhelmed about finals? Take a study break and destress in a safe environment! Trained peers available if you need a buddy or shoulder...