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Alison P Brislin

Alison P Brislin left a positive review 9/5/2018

A fantastic conversation with a living artistic legend. My only suggestions are on the technical side: the lav-ing (microphone on the curator) was really tinny in the beginning. It was distracting and hard to hear her for the first 5-10 minutes. Also, perhaps remind people to silence their phones. A few went off and it took away from what Mr. Ruscha was saying. Other than that, an amazing event!

Magdalena Evans

Magdalena Evans left a positive review 12/4/2015

Mr. Korzistka has moved me very much. I've heard other people call him virtuoso after the concert. I look forward to him coming back already.

Kathleen C Arnold

Kathleen C Arnold left a positive review 9/9/2014

I feel very privileged to attend a university where I can have class all day, walk down the street, and listen to a world renowned novelist read from his latest book. Ian McEwan was wonderful and very engaging. I loved his novel, Atonement, and I can't wait to read this next novel, The Children Act.