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The collections assembled here document the work of some of our finest writers and artists and provide unprecedented access to the creative process while also helping us understand the historical moment out of which this work emerged.

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Lei Zhao

Lei Zhao left a positive review 11/28/2016

lovely and interesting

Joel Flores

Joel Flores left a positive review 5/25/2016

Very informative and educational.
Just when you think you know everything there is to know about the Bard.
And the feature film, "Theatre of Blood" with Vincent Price was a hoot!
All in all, a wonderful and delightful evening.
(More Shakespeare, please!)

Joel Flores

Honghong Liao

Honghong Liao left a review 11/7/2015

It went OK

Afroza Parvin

Afroza Parvin left a positive review 9/13/2015

I was really amazed by Reaugh's integrity as an artist and his dedication to explore the unparalleled wealth of his own landscape.

Daniel Diaz

Daniel Diaz left a positive review 9/10/2015

It is always nice to go to lectures and learn new things, especially when it deals with interesting topics.

Daniel Kusner

Daniel Kusner left a positive review 5/7/2014

pretty good.

Rudy W Bauss

Rudy W Bauss left a positive review 2/3/2014

I could not attend this lecture I wished to hear since I have two articles on Slave Trade from Africa (Mozambique) to Macau/Timor and from Mozambique to Goa plus much info in other articles pertaining to trade between Brazil and Africa (Angola).
Could NOT attend since Nuclear Energy lecture concerns both an interest and an investment. IMPOSSIBLE for me to review this lecture on "Research Libraries" which I really wished to attend. Thank you. Dr. Rudy Bauss. Wished you to know this and
my background in subject, consequently, there is a "little White Lie" and I pushed the "It Was Great" as I wished you to read what I just wrote. Have a fine weekend!!!