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StrengthsFinder Meetup

Develop your talents and meet fellow UT CliftonStrengths enthusiasts in Austin. Grow stronger personally and professionally learning strengths-based...

12/26 6pm
Army Futures Command: Why now? Why Texas?

Join U.S. Army Futures Command (AFC) General John Murray and Capital Factory founder Joshua Baer as Texas Tribune CEO Evan Smith takes a deep dive into why...

1/8/2020 7am

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Bill Kleinebecker

Bill Kleinebecker left a review 9/2/2019

It looked like the blind leading the blind, except for Ceasari. It's alright for the students being blind but for the faculty, that's sad, unforgiveable, and could be an existential threat to UT.

Yurong Sun

Yurong Sun left a positive review 4/16/2019

learned too ! Amazing, full of talent

Rajendu Sulochana

Rajendu Sulochana left a positive review 12/6/2018

Good and useful presentations