The WILLIAM C. POWERS, JR. STUDENTY ACTIVITY CENTER (WCP) is a manifested student initiative. Its main purpose is to serve the students of The University of Texas at Austin, support a diverse array of student interests and provide additional and alternative options for activity, event, meeting, dining and outdoor gathering spaces.

The Color Inside is a Skyspace by artist James Turrell, located on the rooftop of the Student Activity Center. The Skyspace is free and open to all visitors, and is part of the collection of Landmarks, the public art program of The University of Texas at Austin.

2201 SPEEDWAY, Austin, Texas 78712







Upcoming Events

RISE 2020

RISE is a free one-day summit for first-year and transfer students designed to reinforce the information and resources that were first presented at...

2/1/2020 12pm
Green Fund Application Workshop

Green Fund is a competitive grant program that supports sustainability projects and research on campus. It is open to all students, faculty and staff at...

2/3/2020 10am
New Antisemitism in Germany? talk by Wolfgang Benz, Center for Research on Antisemitism, Berlin

Even 70 years after the Holocaust, Jewish institutions in Germany remain under police protection. For several years there have also been debates as to...

2/12/2020 3:30pm

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Arnoldo Torres

Arnoldo Torres left a positive review 5/21/2019

Overjoyed and honored to be recognized as a First Gen Graduate. Was rather impressed with the ceremony. A great memory to cherish. Thank you!

Trang Nguyen Kieu Doan

Trang Nguyen Kieu Doan left a positive review 11/29/2018

The topic is really interesting with nice presentation and engaged professor. I'd love to attend the next talk.

Rajendu Sulochana

Rajendu Sulochana left a positive review 11/29/2018

Really inspiring

Rajendu Sulochana

Rajendu Sulochana left a positive review 10/25/2018

Excellent talk

Felicia Marie Garcia-Hildenbrand

Felicia Marie Garcia-Hildenbrand left a positive review 2/22/2018

Mammoth was absolutely great! My husband and I both enjoyed it. The cast was wonderful and so were the costumes and set. I teared up during a couple of scenes.

Kahne M Cobarrubias

Kahne M Cobarrubias left a positive review 8/29/2017

Fun, really nice people, and really good vegan ice cream!!!

Jonathan V Nguyen

Jonathan V Nguyen left a positive review 2/28/2017

I love that I had the opportunity to listen to huge inspirations of mine talk about their success, failures, and business. It's awesome that the university is able to connect with companies around Austin and even the world.

Ann Kathryn Rockwell

Ann Kathryn Rockwell left a negative review 10/5/2016

The instructor didn't show up.

Andrew Haruki Hill

Andrew Haruki Hill left a negative review 9/27/2016

Most startups were only looking for student ambassadors or social media interns