Waggener Hall (WAG)

2110 SPEEDWAY , Austin, Texas 78705

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Katherine Dunlop, “Kant’s Newtonian Conception of the Essence of Matter” (History and Philosophy of Science talks)

In Metaphysical Foundations of Natural Science, his most important work on physical theory, Kant argues that attractive force is essential to matter. Several...

9/20 12pm
Jorge Cañizares-Esguerra, “Inventing Humboldt and Reinventing Epistemic Colonialism” (History and Philosophy of Science talks)

The 250 anniversary of Alexander Humboldt’s birth has been marked by dozens of meetings, conferences, and books. The sage who spent 5 years traveling in...

9/27 12pm
Bruce J. Hunt, “To Tycho’s Island: Reflections of a History of Science Tourist” (History and Philosophy of Science talks)

Tycho Brahe was one of the great figures of early modern science, and Uraniborg, the “castle-observatory” he built on the Danish island of Hven, was the...

10/4 12pm
Explore Tokyo, Japan: Exercise and Sport for Health, Fitness, and Performance

Attend this Info Session to learn about program details, housing, excursions and activities. Your program coordinator will walk you through how to apply,...

10/16 4:30pm
Emily Hutcheson, “‘The first stage of the love-making:’ The Transnational Circulation of Seaweed in a Self-Organized Network, 1890-1930” (History and Philosophy of Science talks)

Emily Hutcheson is a doctoral candidate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in History of Science. She holds an MA in the History of Science from the...

10/25 12pm

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Florent Marchais

Florent Marchais left a positive review 12/20/2017


Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez left a positive review 12/19/2017

Waggener Hall was like a second home while EE was a homeless major

Jennifer M Plunkett

Jennifer M Plunkett left a positive review 12/19/2017

I've never had a class here that I didn't like!

Andrew William Wong

Andrew William Wong left a positive review 12/19/2017

This building always has the freshest memes at the forty acres

Mackenzie A Payne

Mackenzie A Payne left a positive review 12/19/2017

took a nap here once

Kevin Gian

Kevin Gian left a positive review 12/19/2017

swaggener hall is the most hip building on campus. fresh decor and dank memes - doesn't get any better than that!

Karen K Doviken

Karen K Doviken left a positive review 12/19/2017

The best part of Latin class was undoubtably the building. Waggener Hall for life.

Maxwell Anthony Purcell

Maxwell Anthony Purcell left a positive review 12/19/2017

The new elevator is great. This is my favorite building on campus because it seems like one of the few vestiges of a traditional-feeling classroom on campus. Some rooms could really use some touch up. Maybe

Joshua W Richardson

Joshua W Richardson left a positive review 12/19/2017

Has great fallout shelter signs, makes me wonder if there is an actual fallout shelter within.

Furthermore, some of the antique furniture is fantastic, and the memes are always on point

William Sherwood

William Sherwood left a positive review 12/19/2017

Its only purpose is to serve as a quicker path from 22nd to the GDC. Great building.